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Technical Supplies

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The Most Reliable and Cost Effective Breakers
and Crushers

For the Mining and Demolition Industries  

WSM supplies reliable breakers and crushers that are being manufactured under high European quality standards while maintaining low price levels.

In addition, WSM provides an extraordinarily large number of spare parts for all major hydraulic hammer models and brands

Global Leader in Flexible Electrical Conduit
for Over 60 Years

Electri-Flex is the largest manufacturer and the global leader of the flexible electrical conduits industry.

More than 50 varieties of electrical conduits

Jacketed Metallic ▪ Stainless Steel ▪ Unjacketed Metallic ▪ EMI / RFI Shielded ▪ Nonmetallic ▪ Nylon – Corrlokฎ


Professional Repair & Maintenance Solutions


An instant sealer for water leaks.


Bonds in the wet, even under water


A universal safe solvent cleaner.


An instant water proof sealant even in the wet


High temperature instant gasket.


Cleans, Lubricates, Penetrates and Protects


An amazing adhesive that works in seconds.


An amazing grab adhesive for all substrates


A universal strong bonding and repair adhesive

Over 15 years of experience in sourcing in Asia for Scandinavian and North European manufacturers, wholesalers and store chains.

Manufacturer of DIY and Hardware Store Products

• Construction Fittings & Fasteners

• HVAC & Sanitation

• Customized Metal & Plastic Industrial Products

• Traffic Sign Installation Clamps & Accessories

• Gardening Tools and Accessories

• Fire Place Stands and baskets

• Fencing Accessories

• Steel Pallets and Pallet Containers

The MultiFlap prevents anything nasty from coming up your toilet waste pipe

The MultiFlap is a one-way non-return valve that fits easily to the toilet waste pipe.

►Prevent snakes, rats & other pests from getting into your home via the toilet
►Prevent sewage waste and animals coming into the toilet in cases of heavy rain or pipe blockage

Ball Valves
High quality, high precision, low torque

Screwed End 2 Pc Ball Valve

Flanged End 2 Pc Ball Valve

Special Purpose Ball Valves

Forged Steel Ball Valve

Three Way Ball Valves

Metal Seated ball valves

Flanged End Ball Valve

Screwed End Ball Valve

High Pressure Ball Valve

Wooden Dowels for The Furniture Industry

● wooden dowels ● dowel pins ● wooden strips ● round bars ● wooden balls ● plywood biscuits ● wood biscuits ● repair patches ● sectional strips ● skewers ● covering plates ● knots for patch repairing ● crossbar plates ●

Heavy Duty Broom Clamps, Paint Roller Frames
& Floor Scrapers

Strong, highly durable and easy to handle sweeping broom clamps, paint roller frames and floor scrapers for industrial applications. Our products are specially designed and produced for heavy duty use, including the commercial sweeping, cleaning and scraping of floors.

Cleaning Products for the Dairy Industry

• Milkstone 

• Neutral Cleaner 

• Dairy Liquid Cleaner

• Machinery Cleaner

• Hot Wash Powder 

• Disinfectant for Cattle and Horses 

• Cold Wash Powder 

• Disinfectant for Poultry

• Multi Acid 

• Disinfectant for Dogs

• Anti Bac Soap

• Shed Cleaner 

Analysers and Controllers for the Water and Related Industries

Potable Water ● Waste Water ● Swimming Pools ● Paper & Pulp ● Food & Drink Industrial Water Treatment

Pi operates globally with customers in over 55 countries on 6 continents. The company is expanding its export markets

Household Cleaning Products

Floor Cleaner  Hand Cleaner Heavy Duty Degreaser 
Floor Polish  Kettle Descaler  Marble Floor Cleaner 
Floor Sealer  Leather Feed  Bathroom Cleaner 
Floor Stripper  Stainless Steel  Drain Unblocker 
Glass  Tile & Shower  Furniture Polish 
Oven & Grill  Toilet Descaler   

Outdoor Cleaning Products

• Patio Moss Killer 

• Concrete Remover 

• Fungicidal Wash 

• Brick Cleaner 

• PVC Gutter Cleaner 

• Stone Cleaner 

• Concrete Cleaner 

• Car Wash for Power-washer 

The Italian Discharge Specialists

• Rain Water • Hot Water Drainage • Sewage •

PVC DRAIN COLLECTORS made entirely out of plastic material. The colours available are: Copper, ancient copper, brown, orange, ivory and grey. One of which is "red copper", an exact imitation of real copper but at a very competitive price.


Lifting Accessories for Strong and Safe Lifting

Chains - Slings - Offshore - Cargo Securing - Lashing - Lifting Blocks - Shackles & Rigging Screws

For Mining, Offshore, Construction, Cranes, Manufacturing, Harbours, Forestry, Fishing, and Transport

Electrical distribution boards
and distribution boxes

● Electrical Cabinets ● Wall Mounted Electrical Panels ● Pillars ● Medium Voltage Substations ● Control Panels ● Worksite Panels ● Distribution Boards ● Metal Cable Trays ● Capacitor Boards ●

Certified Screws and Power Sockets

• Significant reduction of assembly costs

• Longer life of the assembled product

• Higher safety, less accidents

• Less need to set aside funds for warranty provisions    

Flow Meters & Controllers, Valves, Peristaltic Pumps, Vortex Flow Meters

For: Process Industries • Automation • R&D/ Laboratories • OEM • Environmental instrumentation •

The company delivers high quality flow instrumentation and has a reputation as one of the top manufacturers of precision instrumentation for flow control and measurement.

Heavy Duty Filters

For Automotive, Industrial Agricultural & Marine Applications.

Air filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, lube filters and more.

Weather you're looking for a parcel, a pallet or a 40ft container of filters., we are able to offer very comprehensive prices!.  

All-in-one address for your entire range
of light sources

• LED Lamps • Miniature • Tubular • Single & Multi LED • Neon • Household • Auto Motor Bike • Medical • Navigation • Halogen • Xenon • Projection Studio & Theatre • Airfield • Marine • Beamer • Energy Saving • LED • Fluorescent • Metal Halide •

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

• electronic modules • mother boards • power supplies • electronic and magnetic ballasts for lighting Highest Quality • Competitive prices •

Excellent References in consumer electronics: SAMSUNG, PANASONIC & SONY 

Automotive and Industrial Lubricants

• Engine Lubricants • Suspension lubricant • Gear lubrication oils • Brake fluids • Differential fluids • Anti-frost • Grease • Industrial products • Farming Equipment • Motorcycle/Outboard motor • Hydraulic fluids •


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