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The New Patented Snow and Ice Remover

No Corossion No Sludge No Black Ice
Ecologic -
No Water Contamination

ICEBREAKER saves the cost of repairing the damages left after repeated sprinkling of Road Salt on the roads

Mine-hunting Operations Software
& Information System (MOIS)

Main users:
- Mine-hunting ships
- Mine warfare data centres (Shore application)
- Training centres

MOIS Supports all the phases of mine hunting operations: Planning,  Operation  and  Reporting

Prestige Turnstiles and Revolving Doors

Full Height and Waist Height High Quality Turnstiles

Manual, Automatic & Access Control Revolving Doors  

3 Dimensional Command & Control System

The system provides three dimensional imagery in real time.

The system provides benefits that expand the existing command and control capabilities through the use of a three dimensional model, planning capabilities and simulation capabilities.

Gate Turnstiles

Designed to automatically guide personnel in and out of secure areas.

Mobile Road safety equipment Road Blocks, Signs & Lights

Mobile Road Blocks ●  Equipment and warning signage systems for work sites, parks, events and for preventing access to dangerous areas.

Vehicle Access Control Barriers:

● Standard duty Car Park Boom Gates

● Heavy Duty Industrial Vehicle Barriers

● High Security Spike Boom Barriers

● Manual Boom Barriers  



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