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Packaging Materials & Equipment

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Antibacterial, Anti-odor & Hypoallergenic Containers

The Nanosilver bactericidal effect prevents the transfer of microorganisms into the NANOBOX containers and inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi on the content of the boxes.

For Hospitals, Kindergartens, Schools, Retirement Homes
and any place where sterility and hygiene are essential.

simple store decorated containers

Simple store boxes

A wide range of Packaging Materials & Products for the Manufacturing Industries

Snacks ▪ Biscuits ▪ Dry food powder & grains ▪ Sachets for Liquid Drinks ▪ Dry fruit & Nuts ▪ Pet Food ▪ Solid & Powdered Detergents ▪  Pharmaceutical & Medical

Feeding systems & Bowl feeders
for automatic feeding devices

 • Vibratory feeders ( linear and bowl drives) •
 • Centrifugals feeders • Motorized and vibrating hoppers •
 • Electronic controllers • Refilling units  •

..and all others components connected to automatic feeding devices

BOV - Bag On Valve Components

spary, stream, dripSpecialists in Bag-On-Valve Contract Filling Branded or Private Label

FDA / USDA facilities ▪ SQF Level 3 ▪ Kosher ▪ cGMP ▪ Organic ▪ GFSI ▪ NSF

Markets Served:
• Food • Medical • Personal Care • Pet Care • Automotive • Liquids, Creams, Lotions •  Sporting

Lifting Accessories - for Strong and Safe Lifting

Chains - Slings - Offshore - Cargo Securing - Lashing - Lifting Blocks - Shackles & Rigging Screws

For Mining, Offshore, Construction, Cranes, Manufacturing, Harbours, Forestry, Fishing, and Transport

Encapsulated Fragrances
for use in paper, plastic, varnish, textiles, etc.

Micro-capsule acts as a 'mini fragrance holding tank'.

Fragrance diffuses through the membrane wall when touched by warm hand.

Fragrance micro-capsules can be used in most packaging formats.

Cranes, Lifting & Handling Equipment


Single / Double girder


Gantry Crane


Semi gantry crane


Jib cranes (wall mounted or pillar)


Under slang crane, or light crane system based on hollow special profile UKA ideal for production lines.

Plastic Packaging -High Quality- Low Cost

  • Personal care & Bathing • Baby Care • Hotels • Beauty & Cosmetic • Pharmaceutical • Food & Beverages • Chemical & Industrial • Household & Cleaning • Specialty markets •

Robotic Systems for Industrial Automation

  • Welding • Palletizing • Conveying • Manipulation •

The company provides advanced solutions to industrial companies that are interested in automating their processes. It uses cutting edge technology at a reasonable price and achieve competitive advantage mainly on cost and quality.

Heirloom wedding dress box

A three-part box with a Perspex viewing panel to enable the customer to see their gown without having to remove it from the chamber.

The Champagne box is a high quality solution for the dress cleaning industry, this box has been in use by the leading UK Gown cleaning companies


Lifting, shifting and stacking made easy

The ideal solution to many manual-handling problems – especially when product is being loaded onto or unloaded from pallets. Weight capacities from one tone to 2.5 tones

Aluminium Foil Capsules for Pastry & Confectionery

Aluminium Capsules have better conservation features and they are much more stylish and colourful compared to paper capsules:

Cornets● Rounded ● Rectangular ● Square ● Oval ● Triangular ● Shell-Shaped ●  etc.

Tip any bin or drum at any height

For emptying bins weighing up to 250 Kg

Dumpmastersฎ have a unique tipping action, which allows for a huge weight capacity of 250kg, a small 'footprint' of 1 square meter regardless of the tipping height, and an enviable reputation for safety and reliability.


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