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Raw Materials and Components for the Industry

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Encapsulated Active Ingredients
A solution for incompatible substances

ACTI-PIP® Encapsulated Active Ingredients can be used to create a barrier between two or more incompatible substances and of course can achieve a controlled release of function. Encapsulation is perfect for the less palette friendly Active & Functional ingredients, as it masks both taste and odour.

Encapsulated Fragrances
for use in paper, plastic, varnish, textiles, etc.

Micro-capsule acts as a 'mini fragrance holding tank'.

Fragrance diffuses through the membrane wall when touched by warm hand.

Fragrance micro-capsules can be used in most packaging formats.

Dehydrated Vegetables
for the Food & Pharmaceutical Industries

Dried Onion, Garlic, Lemon, Tomato, Potatoes any much more..

Rings, Slices, Kibbled, Flakes, Minced, Chopped, Granulated, Granules & Powder

Competitive prices with fast delivery. 

Wooden Dowels for The Furniture Industry

● wooden dowels ● dowel pins ● wooden strips ●
round bars ● wooden balls ● plywood biscuits
● wood biscuits ● repair patches ● sectional strips ● skewers ● covering plates ● knots for patch repairing
 ● crossbar plates ● etc.

Items made with precious metals

flats • bars • heavy-wall tubes • light-wall tubes • anodes • sheets
 • bands • profiled tubes • Silver Solders •
Solders containing gold or palladium • Wires • Granules
 • Silver powder - Crystalline & Spheroid  • 

Eliminate wax, stickies and contaminates problems

This environmentally friendly patented chemistry modifies contaminants to be more efficiently removed from the incoming recycle furnish as well as preventing cycle-up in the mill’s internal white water loop; thus reducing system contaminant loading and subsequent PM system deposition.

Metal machining and sheet metal processing

Laser Cutting • Bending • Welding Machining
• Assembly  • Surface Treatments • 

The company is a major Italian provider of metal machining and sheet metal processing.  The company stands out in the industry for its high quality standard of processes and the possibility of producing the complete order in-house from design to the finished product. 

Woollen and acrylic Yarns

One of the world's leading woollen system producers with satisfied clients in over 40 countries on all five continents.

The company produces: Woollen & Acrylic Blanket Yarns, Weaving Yarns, Knitting Yarns and Carpet Yarns.


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