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Industrial Machinery and Equipment

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Equipment and Tools Machines

The Most Reliable and Cost Effective Breakers
and Crushers

For the Mining and Demolition Industries  

WSM supplies reliable breakers and crushers that are being manufactured under high European quality standards while maintaining low price levels.

In addition, WSM provides an extraordinarily large number of spare parts for all major hydraulic hammer models and brands

Water-Efficient Cleaning Systems for the Food Processing Industry and Waste Treatment Plants

Portable, Fuel & Electrical Equipment for:
construction ● mining ● industry ● agriculture

  • 4 in 1 Workstations

  • Portable WELDERS

  • Portable GENERATORS

  • Portable WATER PUMPS


Clean biologically non-degradable Wastewater
into clear water

For less than 10% of the cost of comparative technologies

• Chemical industry • Textile • Leather Tanning
• Paper • Wood processing • Landfills
• Sewage Sludge • Galvanization • Oily wastewater

Power Washers for businesses, farms
& industry

Whether you’re looking for small portable power washers, high-power trailer units or a completely custom washer to meet your specific needs, Triace washers have the power and versatility to save you time and money on any cleaning job, making our washers some of the best value in the world.

Sawing Systems for the Metal Industry

 ▪ Single-blade saws ▪ Multi-blade saws ▪
 ▪ Special saws ▪

Fast cutting process (TA-blades)
Smoother surface and Faster cutting 
Longer blade life, longer change intervals
Small and Thin blades - minimize
material, tool  and energy costs

Product Image

Lime & Mortar Mixers ▪ Forced Action Mixers Paddle Mixers ▪ Multi Purpose Mixers

For construction and industrial applications  

A range of modular equipment with a variety of chassis and running gear which form the basis of many types of equipment, giving a more flexible product to meet the needs of the customer.

2 in 1 - Compressor and Pressure Washer

Clean + Wash + Inflate + Blow

High-Pressure washer

For cleaning machines, vehicles, buildings, facades, terraces, gardening etc.


Professional belt drive, lubricated air compressor in combination with induction engine.

Lifting Accessories
for Strong and Safe Lifting

Chains - Slings - Offshore - Cargo Securing - Lashing - Lifting Blocks - Shackles & Rigging Screws

For Mining, Offshore, Construction, Cranes, Manufacturing, Harbours, Forestry, Fishing, and Transport

Cranes, Lifting & Handling Equipment

Single / Double girder

Gantry Crane

Semi gantry crane

Jib cranes (wall mounted or pillar)

Under slang crane, or light crane system based on hollow special profile UKA ideal for production lines.

High quality, high precision, low torque
Ball Valves

Screwed End 2 Pc Ball Valve

Flanged End 2 Pc Ball Valve

Special Purpose Ball Valves

Forged Steel Ball Valve

Three Way Ball Valves

Metal Seated ball valves

Flanged End Ball Valve

Screwed End Ball Valve

High Pressure Ball Valve

Heavy-Duty Air Compressors & Air Tanks

Oil injected screw type air compressors

Oil injected Reciprocating air compressors

Oil-free reciprocating air compressors

40 bar Oil free compressors for PET blowing

Receiver mounted screw compressors

Compressed air tanks, Air Dryers and filters


Lifting, shifting and stacking made easy

The ideal solution to many manual-handling problems – especially when product is being loaded onto or unloaded from pallets. Weight capacities from one tone to 2.5 tones


Tip any bin or drum at any height

For emptying bins weighing up to 250 Kg

D umpmasters® have a unique tipping action, which allows for a huge weight capacity of 250kg, a small 'footprint' of 1 square meter regardless of the tipping height, and an enviable reputation for safety and reliability.


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