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Leisure, Gifts, Sports and Outdoor activities

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Cool Clutch are a patented range of Cooler Handbags.

Functional, classy and elegant, the Cool Clutch handbag may look like a designer handbag but on the inside there is a section to keep things cooler or warmer than the ambient temperature.

Sutton Swimwear® - Optical Goggles

Good vision is an important issue for water safety, performance and the overall enjoyment of swimming.

Sutton Swimwear offers some of the most stylish models on the market at an affordable price.

The range includes options for:

  • Long-sighted corrections (up to +8.00)

  • Short-sighted corrections (up to -10.00)

  • Clear lenses

  • Mirrored lenses

from Paris to the World

the perfect gift brand for babies and toddlers from 0 to 3 years old

The world leading brands for fine professional drinkware and dinnerware for foodservice, restaurants, bars, and hotels.

LOUNGEWEAR - Elegant, sexy and super comfortable…

Woven from light, soft and super fine fleece, our robes, pantsuits, blankets and accessories allow you that extra comfort and warmth with effortless luxury.

At home, on the road, they are perfect for travel or for chucking into your weekend bag.

Elegant Enclosures for Private Pools

Our products are extremely attractive for importers, installers and end-users alike:

• Attractive design

• Relatively low cost for a high quality product

• Compact packaging – low shipping cost

• Easy and quick installation

• Very Functional and user friendly

Bed, Bath & Table Linen
For Hotels and Cruise Lines

VENUS HOSPITALITY serves hotel companies, management companies, cruise lines, independent hotels, and time share properties domestically in the USA and internationally. 

our textile products are designed and engineered to meet the needs of the hospitality market.

Above Ground Pools and Accessories

PVC pools with fully galvanized frames for outdoor use.  Product line includes pool covers, automatic pumps, maintenance kits, and ladders.

Fresh cut flowers directly from Portugal

Rose Nature is one of the biggest flower producers in Portugal with five hectares of intensive production and ten cold rooms. 90% of the production is exported to Spain and Holland.

carnations • roses • sunflower • iris

FloraHolland Logo
The world's largest auction organization

Global Sourcing Service
The new flower trade platform by FloraHolland

floraholland cartsBuy directly from growers worldwide, no matter where you are.

Fast access to a wide and deep assortment.

Purchase convenience and efficiency.

Rugby Training equipment and Team-wear

Scrum machines
Tackle Bags
Contact Suits
Hit Shields
Protective Wear
Poles & Spikes
Gear & Team Bags
Balls & Accessories
First Aid
Training Gear
Team Accessories

Leather Wallets, Bags and Luggage

We are the exclusive manufacturers of the Carrol Boyes leather collection, as well as of an assortment of other leading South African designer brands and leather products.
Leather range includes: Quality African Ostrich leather as well as Kudu, Nappa, and Bovine.

Ice Bricks for Cooling Food and Beverages

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, made with a secret antibacterial formula that keeps items cooler for longer.  Various shapes and sizes available.

Highly Functional Sports Food Supplements

- All Natural Ingredients, Nothing Artificial

- Suitable for pregnant & lactating women

- Halal Certified

Formulations are based on proven nutritional principles and tested on World Class athletes to ensure they deliver tangible results.


Real quality flying at the cost of an ultralight

Kit-built ►Easy folding High wing ►
 Two side-by-side Seats ► Single engine

The Aeropup is a recreational airplane delivered in kits that can be assembled in only months, not years. It is capable of taking many different engines and has a cruise speed of 100 knots ( 178 kph).


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