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Home-Ware & Home-Care Products

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Potsafe - Prevents children from pulling pots from the stovetop over themselves

Potsafe fits on glass Electric and Induction Stovetops

Potsafe locks pots in position and prevents children and elderly from pulling pots from the stovetop over themselves.

Make your kitchen Child safe

Bissell is a leading manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners and steam cleaners

Here at BISSELL, we’ve spent 140 years crafting premium cleaning products that exceed your standards of cleanliness while saving you lots of time.

BISSELL - Smarter Cleaning

Antibacterial, Anti-odor & Hypoallergenic Containers

The Nanosilver bactericidal effect prevents the transfer of microorganisms into the NANOBOX containers and inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi on the content of the boxes.

For Hospitals, Kindergartens, Schools, Retirement Homes
and any place where sterility and hygiene are essential.

simple store decorated containers Simple store boxes

Household Cleaning Products

Floor Cleaner  Hand Cleaner Heavy Duty Degreaser 
Floor Polish  Kettle Descaler  Marble Floor Cleaner 
Floor Sealer  Leather Feed  Bathroom Cleaner 
Floor Stripper  Stainless Steel  Drain Unblocker 
Glass  Tile & Shower  Furniture Polish 
Oven & Grill  Toilet Descaler   

Fine Wooden Kitchen Utensils

 • High Quality Wood and Craftsmanship

 • Competitive Prices

 • EU Health Certificate

 • FSC Wood

Custom Paper Napkins and Serviettes

From Dinner napkins to Dispenser serviettes - Printed and manufactured to the highest quality and standard.

Ranges include: Plain, Hygiene, Printed, Dispenser and Eco-safe 

Heavy Duty Broom Clamps, Paint Roller Frames
& Floor Scrapers

Strong, highly durable and easy to handle sweeping broom clamps, paint roller frames and floor scrapers for industrial applications. Our products are specially designed and produced for heavy duty use, including the commercial sweeping, cleaning and scraping of floors.

Household Chemicals

Hand clean

Descaler – for coffee machines and boilers

Furniture Polish

Super Foam all purpose cleaner

Quick Cleaner for glass & glossy surfaces

SCALA Lime-Scale Cleaner

Uni-fix Total Cleaner

Outdoor Cleaning Products

• Patio Moss Killer 

• Concrete Remover 

• Fungicidal Wash 

• Brick Cleaner 

• PVC Gutter Cleaner 

• Stone Cleaner 

• Concrete Cleaner 

• Car Wash for Power-washer 


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