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JIBBY - The Best Simple Quality & Project Management System

The Jibby QMS complies with the regulations and the administrative routines prevailing in the UK and Ireland.

Jibby is interested in partnering with consulting companies that provide Quality Management or IT services to small and medium construction companies, architects and civil engineers

Advanced OEM Modules for Fleet Management Software

Two-Way data capture software for field workers

Fleet performance monitoring

Asset Management - Equipment Track and trace

 Software companies integrate these modules under their branded software packages. The company offers expert backup and support, knowledge base, diagnostics tools, billing modules and much more.

The MASSEC beverage inventory control system increases bar revenues between 10% to 22%

With the MASSEC technology, bar and restaurant owners can control the beverage consumption in their premises.

This new technology enables quick and frequent inventory counts thus deterring employees from wasting food and beverages deliberately.

Innovative Land Planning
Geographical Information Systems (LPGIS)

- Land Planning Geographic Management - Maps - Building rights - Photos of objects - Search Engine

With our LPGIS land owners, planners and officials can add and modify local land plans in the form of spatial data. hard copy maps and special software for reading different digital formats are no longer a must.

Anti Radiation Accessories: phone cases,
laptop shields and more

  • Headsets

  • Phone Cases

  • Laptop Shields

  • Microwave Shields

  • Display Stands

Transform your Hydrographic data into
WEB-based Hydrographic Database Management System with GIS tools

soundings - contours - wrecks - obstacles - navigation points - ports Using our HIS, all Cartographers need to add is waterways and the map is ready. HIS also provides extensive user-friendly GIS management tools for surveyed data.

FloraHolland Logo
The world's largest auction organization

Global Sourcing Service
The new flower trade platform by FloraHolland

floraholland cartsBuy directly from growers worldwide, no matter where you are.

Fast access to a wide and deep assortment.

Purchase convenience and efficiency.

Mine-hunting Operations Software
& Information System (MOIS)

Main users:
- Mine-hunting ships
- Mine warfare data centres (Shore application)
- Training centres

MOIS Supports all the phases of mine hunting operations: Planning,  Operation  and  Reporting


Cases, Bags & accessories 
for Smartphones and Tablets

M-Edge (est. 2006) rapidly grew to offer a variety of tech accessories for the most popular devices available -- Kindle, iPad, iPhone, laptop and Android devices.

Using edgy materials and premium features, M-Edge gives the tech-crazed what they want: protection, attitude, and boundary-pushing style.

Teléfono manos libres con GPS

Hands free phone with integrated GPS

Designed for secure, reliable and comfortable communications.

The phone, connected to the car mains, is always ready to use, without the problem of discharging due to intensive use.

3 Dimensional Command & Control System

The system provides three dimensional imagery in real time.

The system provides benefits that expand the existing command and control capabilities through the use of a three dimensional model, planning capabilities and simulation capabilities.



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