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Healthcare-Related Products

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SCARNOX® - Prevention & treatment of scars & keloids caused by Surgery, Trauma, Burns & Acne

Sutton Swimwear® - Optical Goggles

Good vision is an important issue for water safety, performance and the overall enjoyment of swimming.

Sutton Swimwear offers some of the most stylish models on the market at an affordable price.

The range includes options for:

  • Long-sighted corrections (up to +8.00)

  • Short-sighted corrections (up to -10.00)

  • Clear lenses

  • Mirrored lenses

Reduce Craving for Sweets & Keep Teeth Healthy

Dr. Weiler's Aromatic Toothpastes reduces the craving and appetite for sweets with the help of natural aromas during the tooth-brushing process.

Overweight • Obesity • Diabetes

Antibacterial, Anti-odour & Hypoallergenic Containers

The Nanosilver bactericidal effect prevents the transfer of microorganisms into the NANOBOX containers and inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi on the content of the boxes.

For Hospitals, Kindergartens, Schools, Retirement Homes
and any place where sterility and hygiene are essential.

Panta rhei - Vitamins To Go!

High-quality nutritional supplements

Rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

Easy-to-handle supplements for everyday life

A highly concentrated, simple dosage form. 

Palatable and digestible, Refreshing and tasty


Available varieties:  Immune Drink  ▪ Vitamin D Drink Anti-stress & Mental Energy Drink  ▪ Cardiovascular & Sports DrinkBeauty Drink

Chemist working in lab

Pain Relief and Healing of Damaged Joints
and Muscles

100% all natural formulation specifically designed to be used wherever impaired joint function restricts the quality of life.

- Arthritis & degeneration from aging
- Physical injuries from sports or exercise
- Pain when climbing stairs or holding cups

The Diabetic Corner


Designed and built for the
pharmacy channel

vest Anti-Radiation Belly Band

vest Anti-Radiation Maternity Band keeps your baby safe, complements your figure, is silky soft, comfortable to wear, anti-bacterial, air penetrable, and water resistant.

vest Anti-Radiation Maternity Band provides your baby maximum protection:

- Reduces radiation by up to 100%

- FCC certified laboratories tested and proven

Ultra Clear Plus
Your Natural Skin Remedy
Ultra Clear Plus is a unique 100% natural cure for Hemorrhoids , piles, eczema, or any other discomfort or irritation,.
With a special blend of natural herbs the cream has the effect of soothing whilst repairing the skin tissue.

Quality and innovation in dietary supplements and herbal medicines

Acne Ultra Clear is an all-natural face cream proven to conquer uncomfortable and embarrassing skin complaints, leaving your skin clear, smooth and 100% healthy.

LETTORI ready-made reading glasses

Why Settle for Less?

The brand Lettori “easy read“ offers the perfect reading glasses for all fashion-conscious people 40+. Our products are made for daily use in
business or at home. Lettori eyewear will accompany you in every life situation where you need to stay in focus and to have a clear perspective.

Lady-Comp supports natural birth control and family planning goals like no other

If you want to prevent pregnancy naturally without subjecting your body to artificial methods, or if you want to maximize your chances of becoming pregnant, the fertility computer is perfect for you.

Lady-Comp is the intelligent fertility monitor - it learns, analyzes and indicates ovulation with 99.3% accuracy, free of hormones and side-effects.

BOV Salines  Category sponsor 

Saline Wound Wash

- Isotonic USP Grade Saline 

- Isotonic Sea Salt Saline

- Isotonic Ringer’s Solution

- Anti-Bacterial Isotonic USP Saline with Aloe (3 in 1 Spray)

- Hypertonic Sea Salt Saline

Saline Nasal Sprays

- Isotonic USP Grade Saline

- Isotonic Sea Salt

- Hypertonic Sea Salt with other additives.

A variety of spray nozzles from a very fine mist for a child to a course stream for an adult.

Encapsulated Active Ingredients
For incompatible substances and Targeted Release

ACTI-PIP® Encapsulated Active Ingredients and
Vita-PIP® Encapsulated Vitamins & Minerals, can be used to create a barrier between two or more incompatible substances and of course can achieve a controlled release of function.

Encapsulation is perfect for delivery to targeted areas (in human body) and enhancement of bioavailability.

Baby Bio Care is an all-natural rash relief cream to sooth and calm babies skin. Using only the finest natural ingredients, Baby Bio Care can help clear babies skin from nappy rash and like ailments.

Highly Functional Sports Food Supplements

- All Natural Ingredients, Nothing Artificial

- Suitable for pregnant & lactating women

- Halal Certified

Formulations are based on proven nutritional principles and tested on World Class athletes to ensure they deliver tangible results.

Clothing for people with limited mobility

Designed for quick and easy dressing and undressing

- No Velcro and No Studs that may scratch or damage delicate skin
- No lifting is necessary - easing life for the wearer and the carer
- Quality fabrics that are soft on skin yet withstand industrial laundering

Opuntimal for MEN  - Regain Optimal Prostate Health

Opuntimal provides a significant help with prostate related problems.

It eliminates first all the BPH unpleasant symptoms: getting up at night, burning etc.

After a few months of using Opuntimal the prostate gland reduces its size back to normal dimensions.

Morlife functional foods - get 'more out of life'!

Morlife is Australia's leading brand in functional foods. Only the best ingredients go into our teas, juices, boosting powders, mueslis & snack products.

Morlife has a wide range of these foods from Goji Berries to Acai Berries, Spirulina to Alkalising Greens, Noni Juice to Goji Juice, Protein Concentrate to Creatine, Immune Milkashake to Antiox Reds.


Opuntima for WOMEN - Treatment of Urinary Tract Infections

Opuntima provides a very effective anti-inflammatory treatment of the urinary tract. It prevents spasms in the visceral organs and blood vessels.

In addition by using Opuntima, women strengthen their control and stop leaking. 

Professional Therapeutic Products
for Manicure & Pedicure

Efficient and safe products for the treatment and prevention of various problems of hands and feet.

For use both by the therapist as well for purchasing and using by the patient at home to complete and preserve the healing process between treatments

Internal Installations Kit For Ambulance Coach Builders

The standard content of the kit includes:

● ABS PMMA internal covering

● Substructure

● Electric installations

● Ambulance seats

The revolutionary Bag-Less Urine drainage system that replaces standard bedside drainage bags & bottles



Urostomy Wearers

Penile Sheath Wearers

Paraplegic / Quadriplegic

Leg Bag Wearers

No smells

No walking to empty urine bags

No splashing of urine

No cross infection


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