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Food and Beverages / Food Industry Suppliers

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fruit preparations, syrups and product specific applications for the dairy and drinks industries

for new product development and existing product Improvement

Smooth yoghurts Fruited yoghurts Smoothies Juice Nectars Dairy blends Milk blends

The world leading brands for fine professional drinkware and dinnerware for foodservice, restaurants, bars, and hotels.

Cafecito® Chewable Energy Tablets support the activation of natural energies and have a natural stimulating effect

Cafecito®  Espresso Tablets

Mild and naturally stimulating by its caffeine content. Cafecito® is the ideal companion for sports, work, travel and long car trips

Cafecito® Guarana Tablets

The Guarana caffeine (guaranine) is bound to tannins and is gradually released so that it stays in the body longer.

 Gavora Oils and Balsamic Vinegar

GAVORA Premium Oils and Balsamic Vinegar

- Revolutionary “drip, stream, spray” dispenser
- Even, easy to control spray pattern
- Continuous spray at all angles Olive leaf
- Healthier and better tasting
- 100% product utilization
- Oils stay fresh longer with no preservatives

Finca Casa Blanca - Award-Winning Spanish Wines

The wines of Finca Casa Blanca enjoy a careful cultivation of grapes in the Valley of Alforines, nicknamed "Tuscany in Valencia" and an elaboration with the most modern techniques of the sector.

Sun, tradition and love for the land and its fruits make this family farm an ideal place for growing grapes and producing wine with temperament.

Bloomfield Premium Candies

- Without preservatives
- Lactose & gluten free
- Fruity, refreshing and full of aroma
- Made according to a Swiss recipe

Zero Recalls - Zero Liabilities

When your salad is clean and free of contaminants,
not only is it better for you,
but it tastes better and it stays fresher longer.

Bugs, pesticide, fungicide and all other harmful bacteria’s are removed in our unique fully automated, washing process.

The result goes far beyond the standard industrial triple washes to provide clean greens that you can trust going directly from our bag to your bowl.

 CEVADAS - Traditonal Portuguese Sausages




A world full of flavour

Best of the Bean and Leaf by BOV


Gives an immediate flavourful beverage when added to either Hot or Cold water.

Best of the tea leafReady to Go Coffee TM is Real Coffee made from the Best of the Beans collected from the best sources in the world. Only the best beans will be used.

For the Agiolia premium olive oils we have selected the Taygetos mountain in the Peloponnesian region.

The region enjoys am ideal microclimate, the absence of intensive plantations and an exceptional biodiversity which produces Koroneiki olives of superior quality with a rich aroma and taste.

Centralized Purchasing and Delivery
of British & European brands
to worldwide retailers & distributors

dry goods ● chilled & frozen food ● non foods

Baby Food Baking & Cooking Biscuits
Cereals Chocolate & Sweets Coffee & Tea CondimentsCrisps & Snacks Drinks
Jams & Spreads Savory Food

A large variety of Bakery & Pastry products

Mini Pastry Breads Muffins Cakes - Loafs & Slices Snacks Greek Snacks Cocktail Mini Snacks

The company's high quality products, both fresh & frozen, are successfully supplied on a daily basis to a large number of businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, catering and retail stores.

Ecological Fruit Juices and Jams,
Sliced Vegetables & Soups

Healthy, Fresh and Tasty !!!

Our genuine products come from certificated organic fruits and vegetables. They have an original colour and flavour not altered by artificial flavourings, colourings or sweeteners

The MASSEC beverage inventory control system increases bar revenues between 10% to 22%

With the MASSEC technology, bar and restaurant owners can control the beverage consumption in their premises.

This new technology enables quick and frequent inventory counts thus deterring employees from wasting food and beverages deliberately.

Morlife functional foods - get 'more out of life'!

Morlife is Australia's leading brand in functional foods. Only the best ingredients go into our teas, juices, boosting powders, mueslis & snack products.

Morlife has a wide range of these foods from Goji Berries to Acai Berries, Spirulina to Alkalising Greens, Noni Juice to Goji Juice, Protein Concentrate to Creatine, Immune Milkashake to Antiox Reds.

Organic Green Olives + Organic Kalamon Olives

Naturally Brine Cured for 6-8 Months, Preserved in Brine and White Wine Vinegar

- Rich flavour
- Excellent source of vitamin A & E
- Mountainous, low yield organic farms
- Our Production site is BRC & ISO 22000 certified

Encapsulated Flavours
A solution to the loss of flavours in food manufacturing

Flav-PIP® protects the flavour oils from high / extreme heats and freezing conditions which standard encapsulation methods cannot meet.

The flavours are protected within their encapsulation and are immediately released upon contact with the tongue, so the consumer gets a great flavour burst.

Encapsulated Vitamins & Minerals
For nutrient protection, taste masking, targeted delivery

Vita-PIP® Encapsulated Vitamins & Minerals can be very beneficial to the Food & Beverage manufacturing Industry for nutrient protection, taste masking, delivery to targeted areas (in human body) and enhancement of bioavailability.


The best Italian Wines
of the Salento and Puglia regions

Founded in 1900, the company produces and bottles its own wines in the south of Italy.

The company exports more than 90% of its production with attention to new emerging markets.

H2COCO - Naturally fruity, with just the right hint of sweetness to capture flavour without the guilt

H2COCO has a complete premium range that includes Coconut Water blended with other fruits such as Pomegranate, Acai and Pineapple.

Kosher and Vegan approved. USDA Organic, Australian Certified Organic

Traditional Italian bakery -100% organic ingredients

The company specializes in the production of traditional Italian bakery made with 100% organic ingredients.

Their exquisite taste along with the elegant packaging and design makes these traditional Italian products an excellent seller for those special occasions and treats whilst keeping good health in mind

Encapsulated Active Ingredients
A solution for incompatible substances

ACTI-PIP® Encapsulated Active Ingredients can be used to create a barrier between two or more incompatible substances and of course can achieve a controlled release of function.

Encapsulation is perfect for the less palette friendly Active & Functional ingredients, as it masks both taste and odour.

Aluminium Foil Capsules for Pastry & Confectionery

Aluminium Capsules have better conservation features and they are much more stylish and colourful compared to paper capsules:

Cornets● Rounded ● Rectangular ● Square ● Oval ● Triangular ● Shell-Shaped ●  etc.


Fine Spanish Hams ● Cured Meat Products ● Sausages

Products made from the Iberian and Serrano pig are most valued by those who understand the taste and quality is unparalleled. Our products cured inherited a tradition of centuries.

The company provides centralized purchasing of high quality Spanish food products, saving time and costs to its clients.

Confectionery Ingredients

Our ingredients are Sold in bulk ex-stock, no minimum quantities, immediate shipment, best quality :

Coconut ● Vermicelli ● Cocoa ● Chocolate ● Grape syrup ● Carob paste & syrup ●
other confectionery ingredients

Candies & Sweets with all-natural ingredients

Our best products are made with all-natural ingredients with grape syrup instead of sugar, and carob as a chocolate substitute:


● Hard-boiled Candies● Soft Fruit Chews ●

● Coconut-based candies ●



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