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Textile - Fashion - Apparel - Footwear- Jewellery - Bags

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Cool Clutch are a patented range of Cooler Handbags.

Functional, classy and elegant, the Cool Clutch handbag may look like a designer handbag but on the inside there is a section to keep things cooler or warmer than the ambient temperature.

LETTORI ready-made reading glasses

Why Settle for Less?

The brand Lettori “easy read“ offers the perfect reading glasses for all fashion-conscious people 40+. Our products are made for daily use in
business or at home. Lettori eyewear will accompany you in every life situation where you need to stay in focus and to have a clear perspective.

Traditional Muslim Clothing
for Women, Boys & Men

Women: Tunic kamez, kamez short, dresses, party dresses, skirt, kamez and short dresses, shawls, big shawls, winter shawls

Boys: Kamez, Shalwar Kamez

Men: Shalwar Kamez, Thobe, Jelabiya, Kameez Shalwar

vest Anti-Radiation Belly Band

vest Anti-Radiation Belly Band keeps your baby safe, complements your figure, is silky soft, comfortable to wear, anti-bacterial, air penetrable, and water resistant.

vest Anti-Radiation Belly Band provides your baby maximum protection:

- Reduces radiation by up to 100%

- FCC certified laboratories tested and proven

from Paris to the World

the perfect gift brand for babies and toddlers from 0 to 3 years old

Smart and Formal Men Clothing

Casual Shirts, Formal Shirts, Trousers, Waistcoats, Suits, Blazers, Long Overcoats, Coats and Jackets

LOUNGEWEAR - Elegant, sexy and super comfortable

Woven from light, soft and super fine fleece, our robes, pantsuits, blankets and accessories allow you that extra comfort and warmth with effortless luxury.

At home, on the road, they are perfect for travel or for chucking into your weekend bag.

Jeans pants, jackets,
skirts, dresses and
shirts for women

Jeans Trousers,
jackets and shirts for men

Ostrich Leather Fashion Handbags

An exciting, highly creative range of high end fashion handbags made of ostrich  leather.

This new line combines both the quality of our refined and durable craftsmanship as well as our creative and innovative design abilities and impulses.

Quality Italian Footwear
for men, women and children

‘2R’s’ shoes are made from natural materials, are breathable and beneficial for the feet.

We produce comfortable shoes that will last and last.

‘2R’ are already being sold throughout Europe, USA and the Middle East.

Clothing for people with limited mobility
Designed for quick and easy dressing and undressing

- No Velcro and No Studs that may scratch delicate skin

- No lifting is necessary - easing life for the wearer and the carer

- Quality fabrics that are soft on skin yet  withstand industrial laundering

fashion footwear

Ronen Chen Fashion House

Mid-price range, excellent quality fashion for women aged 30-65 and beyond.

The company sells via hundreds of franchise stores and independent boutiques in Europe, USA & Canada  

Integrated knitted fabrics and garments manufacturing in Estonia

Garments: Fashion wear, sportswear, baby wear, work wear, corporate wear, hospitals, army & uniforms.

Fabrics: cotton, organic cotton, bamboo, viscose, polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, wool, modal
and their blends with Lycra.

Cases, Bags & accessories 
for Smartphones and Tablets

M-Edge (est. 2006) rapidly grew to offer a variety of tech accessories for the most popular devices available -- Kindle, iPad, iPhone, laptop and Android devices.

Using edgy materials and premium features, M-Edge gives the tech-crazed what they want: protection, attitude, and boundary-pushing style.

Bridal, Ceremony & Cocktail Dresses

This Spanish company launches every year a new collection of  dresses for brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and for any important event requiring formal or evening attire.

The company is in the process of expanding its export markets via importers specializing in wholesaling to independent boutiques via showrooms.

Adult and Children Rainwear

Rainwear for commercial and school use as well as towelling jackets and ponchos. 

Ideal for outdoor and sporting events as well.

Leather Wallets, Bags and Luggage

We are the exclusive manufacturers of the "Carrol Boyes" leather collection, as well as of an assortment of other leading South African designer brands and leather products ranges.

Leather range includes: Quality African Ostrich leather as well as Kudu, Nappa, and Bovine.

Woollen and acrylic Yarns

One of the world's leading woollen system producers with satisfied clients in over 40 countries on all five continents.

The company produces: Woollen & Acrylic Blanket Yarns, Weaving Yarns, Knitting Yarns and Carpet Yarns.

Supplier of knitted fabrics
+ dyeing and knitted finishing services

Natural Fibres wool ▪ silk ▪ cashmere ▪ linen ▪ hemp ▪ cotton ▪ bamboo Organic Cotton Synthetic Fibres cupro ▪ modal ▪ viscose ▪ polyamide ▪ polyester ▪ acrylic ▪ acetate

Bed, Bath & Table Linen For Hotels and Cruise Lines

VENUS HOSPITALITY serves hotel companies, management companies, cruise lines, independent hotels, and time share properties domestically in the USA and internationally. 

our textile products are designed and engineered to meet the needs of the hospitality market.



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