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Energy & Environment

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The New Patented Snow and Ice Remover

No Corossion No Sludge No Black Ice
Ecologic -
No Water Contamination

ICEBREAKER saves the cost of repairing the damages left after repeated sprinkling of Road Salt on the roads

Wind-Powered Electricity Generators
with Vertical-Axis

Roof-top installation Mobile units
Stand-Alone Towers

• Run Water-Well Pumps
• Sell electricity to the public network
• Independent (self sufficient) power supply

Heat cost allocator - For measuring the cost of heating in each apartment, in buildings with central heating

The E-ITN30 uses the two-sensor measuring principle:

• One sensor measures the temperature of the radiator

• The second sensor measures the temperature of the room.

This principle ensures the exact measurement of consumption only when the radiator actually emits heat  (i.e. it does not measure in the summer)

Clean biologically non-degradable Wastewater into clear water

For less than 10% of the cost of comparative technologies

• Chemical industry • Textile • Leather Tanning
• Paper • Wood processing • Landfills
• Sewage Sludge • Galvanization • Oily wastewater

Tailor-Made Electrical distribution boards, panels and distribution boxes

 ● Electrical Cabinets ● Wall Mounted Electrical Panels ● Pillars ● Medium Voltage Substations ● Control Panels ● Worksite Panels ● Distribution Boards ● Metal Cable Trays ● Capacitor Boards ●

eliminate wax, stickies and contaminates problems in

This environmentally friendly patented chemistry modifies contaminants to be more efficiently removed from the incoming recycle furnish as well as preventing cycle-up in the mill’s internal white water loop; thus reducing system contaminant loading and subsequent PM system deposition.

Water Pumps

▪  Submersible Pumps ▪ Vertical Shaft Pumps ▪
 ▪ Mono-block ▪ Horizontal ▪ Lobbying ▪ Fire fighting ▪

With our pumps it is possible to achieve high pressures, above 20 ATM. The hot zinc pipes are specially produced to resist corrosion; even from salty water thus extending the lifespan of your installations.

Water-Level Gauging Rods

The rods are used mainly for measuring of water depth in watercourses and in basins:

• Vertical rods (dams, waterworks)
• Oblique rods (brook and pond banks)

Design as per customer’s drawing.

Electricity Generator Sets

One of the main manufacturers of generating sets and pumps - The company has a well trained service with a professional experience.

The company aims to keep offering the best quality product in the market, always trying to offer the best prices as well.

International leader in Climate Control
Air heating, radiant heating, ventilation & recirculation equipment and air conditioning:

• Air heating Gas fired
• Air heating Water-supplied
• Radiant heating Gas fired
• Radiant heating Water supplied
• Ventilation & Recirculation
• Air conditioning

All-in-one address for your entire range
of light sources

• LED Lamps • Miniature • Tubular • Single & Multi LED • Neon • Household • Auto Motor Bike • Medical • Navigation • Halogen • Xenon • Projection Studio & Theatre • Airfield • Marine • Beamer • Energy Saving • LED • Fluorescent • Metal Halide •





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