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Components & Materials for Construction ● Building Elements

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Construction Supplies & Equipment

Building Elements & Decorative Products

The Most Reliable and Cost Effective Breakers
and Crushers

For the Mining and Demolition Industries  

WSM supplies reliable breakers and crushers that are being manufactured under high European quality standards while maintaining low price levels.

In addition, WSM provides an extraordinarily large number of spare parts for all major hydraulic hammer models and brands

Global Leader in Flexible Electrical Conduit
for Over 60 Years

Electri-Flex is the largest manufacturer and the global leader of the flexible electrical conduits industry.

More than 50 varieties of electrical conduits

Jacketed Metallic ▪ Stainless Steel ▪ Unjacketed Metallic ▪ EMI / RFI Shielded ▪ Nonmetallic ▪ Nylon – Corrlok®

Cranes, Lifting & Handling Equipment

Single / Double girder

Gantry Crane

Semi gantry crane

Jib cranes (wall mounted or pillar)

Under slang crane, or light crane system based on hollow special profile UKA ideal for production lines.


JET Paint Spray - 24 Colours

JET SPRAY PAINT is a high quality, quick drying, all purpose enamel paint providing a durable hard finish.

CAN BE USED ON: Metals, wood, plastics, fibreglass, wrought iron,  toys and masonry.

FAST DRYING TIME: Dries to touch in 10 minutes

Mixers, Roller Pan Mixers ▪ Lime Mortar Mixers ▪ Forced Action Mixers Paddle Mixers ▪ Multi Purpose Mixers

For construction and industrial applications  

A range of modular equipment with a variety of chassis and running gear which form the basis of many types of equipment, giving a more flexible product to meet the needs of the customer.

DIY Casting Forms
for Paving Garden Paths
and Yards

With our long-lasting polypropylene moulds, anyone can make a beautiful path in their own garden at 1/6 of the cost
No need to hire professionals

Electricity Generator Sets

One of the main manufacturers of generating sets and pumps - The company has a well trained service with a professional experience.

The company aims to keep offering the best quality product in the market, always trying to offer the best prices as well.

Elegant Enclosures for Private Pools
Our products are extremely attractive for importers, installers and end-users alike:

• Attractive design

• Relatively low cost for a high quality product

• Compact packaging – low shipping cost

• Easy and quick installation

• Very Functional and user friendly

International leader in Climate Control
Air heating, radiant heating, ventilation & recirculation equipment and air conditioning:

• Air heating Gas fired
• Air heating Water-supplied
• Radiant heating Gas fired
• Radiant heating Water supplied
• Ventilation & Recirculation
• Air conditioning

Unique Solnhofen Stone for Crazy Paving

Solnhofen Stone has a cool surface and a naturally smooth surface structure, making it ideal for:

• Pool surroundings
• Garden & Terraces
• Rustic indoor Wall and Floor Covering

Solnhofen Stone  is suitable for both refurbished & new buildings.

Laminated Sealing film, tape and moulded components For the sealing of joints and cracks underneath ceramic and stone tiles

  • For water-proofing under ceramic and stone tiles.

  • For the prevention of damage to tiles due to sinking of the screed/concrete or movements in the sub-floor.

  • For both floor and wall application

Concrete Street Elements and Furniture

We are aware that different countries have different demands and for that reason we are constantly developing new products to meet new ’s needs and trends.

The MultiFlap prevents anything nasty from coming up your toilet waste pipe

The MultiFlap is a one-way non-return valve that fits easily to the toilet waste pipe.

►Prevent snakes, rats & other pests from getting into your home via the toilet
►Prevent sewage waste and animals coming into the toilet in cases of heavy rain or pipe blockage

Decorative and Functional Light Fittings

Elegant light fittings combining both design and energy efficiency, putting on the market a wide range of fluorescent, LED, halogen and halide.

The company products are 100% recyclable and equipped for energy saving and environmental protection

The Italian Discharge Specialists

• Rain Water • Hot Water Drainage • Sewage •

PVC DRAIN COLLECTORS made entirely out of plastic material. The colours available are: Copper, ancient copper, brown, orange, ivory and grey. One of which is "red copper", an exact imitation of real copper but at a very competitive price.


Metal Buildings & Specialized Steel structures

We design, construct and install metal buildings for a wide range of activities such as:

• Industrial,  Residential and Commercial use

• Multi-storey buildings (Composite structures)

• Supermarkets, Logistic centres, warehouses,

Sports premises, Offices Parking lots etc.



Professional Repair & Maintenance Solutions


An instant sealer for water leaks.


Bonds in the wet, even under water


A universal safe solvent cleaner.


An instant water proof sealant even in the wet


High temperature instant gasket.


An amazing adhesive that works in seconds.


An amazing grab adhesive for all substrates


A universal strong bonding and repair adhesive

Terracotta  Bricks and tiles

For a multitude of interior and exterior applications:

• Shopping Centres
• Office Buildings
• Houses & Housing Developments
• Suitable for new & Refurbished buildings

General Installations for Industrial & commercial complexes

►Control boards and cabinets, transformation substations

►Security and Fire alarm systems

►Indoor & Outdoor lighting

►Air-condition & Water Heating systems

►Power distribution cabinets

►Backup generators and photovoltaic electricity sources 

Wood panels for Wall and Ceiling Cladding

From flat Veneer Panels to sophisticated custom curved wood and acoustic panels - the company cladding systems are a great solution for any office, government, concert halls or higher education projects


Asphalt in a Bag - 20 Kg Bag Asphalt repair product

Permanent repair to potholes, wide cracks, utility cuts, road edges and emergency road construction.
The fastest repair solution for roads & parking lots which can be exposed to traffic immediately.

A smoother permanent repair with a  Lifetime Performance Guarantee

Swimming pool border coping stones & Pool Area Paving

Formulated for its specific use as swimming pool coping stones, always keeping in mind the unique and especially harsh conditions the product must endure. They are slip resistant, made from anti-caloric  material (they don't absorb heat), resistant to chemicals used in pool care, waterproof, made entirely with marble aggregates. 10 year warranty.

Quality Dry-Mixes for Very Competitive Prices

for interior and exterior facade works, plastering, waterproofing etc. A full range of building materials for interior and exterior facade works, plastering, waterproofing, thermal isolation and beyond. Our products are known for their quality and high workability


Above Ground Pools and Accessories

PVC pools with fully galvanized frames for outdoor use.  Product line includes pool covers, automatic pumps, maintenance kits, and ladders 


Waterproofing ►Tile Adhesives ►Concrete Additives

A new generation of construction materials sets new standards in the market of waterproofing materials.

We have achieved compatibility of materials with cement or concrete, waterproofing and vapour permeability of materials, submission of hydrostatic pressure and vacuum.


Innovative Structural Repair Solution of  cracked, joisted, and decayed timber wall plates, lintels and structural timbers

Practical solutions to the most common problems in timber engineering, such as creating moment resisting joints in new structures, replacing damaged timber ravaged by decay, to upgrading structures for a change of use.  


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