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Automotive & Aviation

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Continental and General tire are Expanding in Africa


Continental Tyre is in the process of expanding its coverage across the Sub-Saharan Africa Region and is interested in establishing business relations with tyre importers and dealers.

RimPro-Tec (Wheel Bands) - Defending rims with style

A new, innovative product to protect and style wheel rims – Comes with interchangeable colour Pinstripe inners.

Puts a defensive barrier of tough plastic between your rims and curb hazards.

Provides dealers with a new, exciting, unique, stylish and profitable after market product

JET Auto-Care Aerosols

Tyre Shine
Wheel Cleaner
Glass Cleaner
Interior Cleaner

Spray 'n' Revive
Water Dispersant
Engine Cleaner
Line Marking Paint

Advanced OEM Modules for Fleet Management Software

Two-Way data capture software for field workers

Fleet performance monitoring

Asset Management - Equipment Track and trace

 Software companies integrate these modules under their branded software packages. The company offers expert backup and support, knowledge base, diagnostics tools, billing modules and much more.

Automotive and Industrial Lubricants

• Engine Lubricants • Suspension lubricant • Gear lubrication oils • Brake fluids • Differential fluids • Anti-frost • Grease • Industrial products • Farming Equipment • Motorcycle/Outboard motor • Hydraulic fluids •


The New Patented Snow and Ice Remover

No Corossion No Sludge No Black Ice
Ecologic -
No Water Contamination

ICEBRAKER saves the cost of repairing the damages left after repeated sprinkling of Road Salt on the roads

Power Washers for businesses, farms & industry

Whether you’re looking for small portable power washers, high-power trailer units or a completely custom washer to meet your specific needs, Triace washers have the power and versatility to save you time and money on any cleaning job, making our washers some of the best value in the world.

Professional Car Body Coatings

This winning formula is the result of years of experience coupled with the latest developments in the aerosol industry.

We have now added four innovative products to our range – Ultra Prime, Spectro Prime, Plasti Colour and Pro Tex.  

Mobile Road safety equipment, Road Blocks,
Signs & Lights

Mobile Road Blocks ● Equipment and warning signage  ●  systems for work sites ●  parks ●  events  ●  for preventing access to dangerous areas.

Motorcycle Linings, Saddles and Accessories

The company is the leading producer of Covers, Saddles and accessories for motorcycles in Latin America.

The company sells to major distributors of motorcycle accessories in more than 10 countries. In addition, it supplies more than 25,000 saddles per month to motorcycle assembly factories.

Heavy Duty Filters For Automotive, Industrial Agricultural & Marine Applications

Air filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, lube filters and more.

Weather you're looking for a parcel, a pallet or a 40ft container of filters., we are able to offer very comprehensive prices!.   

Real quality flying at the cost of an ultralight

Kit-built ►Easy folding High wing ►
 Two side-by-side Seats ► Single engine

The Aeropup is a recreational airplane delivered in kits that can be assembled in only months, not years. It is capable of taking many different engines and has a cruise speed of 100 knots ( 178 kph).

Car Care Products

Additives & Lubricants ● Car Care - Exterior & interior  ● Car body paints - Rust protection ● Products for Car Washing Facilities & Car Repair Workshops ●  Consumer / End-user Packaging ● Winter Products ● Bicycle & Motorcycle Care ● Household Chemicals

Vehicle Access Control Barriers

● Standard duty Car Park Boom Gates

● Heavy Duty Industrial Vehicle Barriers

● High Security Spike Boom Barriers

● Manual Boom Barriers



Internal Covering & Installations Kit
For Ambulance Coach Builders

The standard content of the kit includes:

● ABS PMMA internal covering

● Substructure

● Electric installations

● Ambulance seats


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