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Industrial Automation

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Analysers and Controllers for the Water and Related Industries

Potable Water ● Waste Water ● Swimming Pools ● Paper & Pulp ● Food & Drink Industrial Water Treatment

Pi operates globally with customers in over 55 countries on 6 continents. The company is expanding its export markets

Largest supplier of ABB Drives & Motors in Europe

Equipment for Hire

Variable Speed Drives   Motors Softstarts   Diesel Generators   Switchgear   Flow Meters   Non Intrusive Flow Meters   SWA Cable   Transformers   Instrumentation

General Installations for Industrial
and commercial complexes

►Control boards & cabinets, transformation substations

►Security and Fire alarm systems

►Indoor & Outdoor lighting

►Air-condition & Water Heating systems

►Power distribution cabinets

►Backup generators and photovoltaic electricity sources 

Industrial Production Lines

►Design, Production and implementation of production lines from a to z including electric and mechanical tooling, instrumentation, automation and Robotics

►Implementation of software for the management of production programs via PLC, Scada or otherwise control systems  

Installations for Process Industries

 chemical, food, pharmaceutical

►Electricity, Pneumatic, Gas, Chemical, air and water installations

►Installation and calibration of instruments, controls and sensors.

►Design and implementation of process control and automation systems.

Feeding systems & Bowl feeders
for automatic feeding devices

  Vibratory feeders ( linear and bowl drives)
Centrifugals feeders Motorized and vibrating hoppers Electronic controllers Refilling units 

..and all others components connected to automatic feeding devices

Flow Meters & Controllers, Valves, Peristaltic Pumps, Vortex Flow Meters

For: Process Industries Automation R&D/ Laboratories OEM Environmental instrumentation

The company delivers high quality flow instrumentation and has a reputation as one of the top manufacturers of precision instrumentation for flow control and measurement.

Robotic Systems for Industrial Automation

  Welding Palletizing Conveying

The company provides advanced solutions to industrial companies that are interested in automating their processes. It uses cutting edge technology at a reasonable price and achieve competitive advantage mainly on cost and quality.  


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