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Why ExportMatch?

Developing new international markets is one of the most complex challenges for companies. Finding potential buyers abroad, reaching them, communicating with them, meeting them and developing personal and commercial relations with them require substantial investments.

Companies from all around the world hire us to find them foreign importers, agents, dealers, traders, distributors, wholesalers, franchisees, retail chains or large end-users in any country they choose.

Even companies with established export sales teams, hire ExportMatch to penetrate new markets not covered by their own workforce.

We will provide you with a flow of potential buyers that are actually interested in purchasing / reselling your products. This will enable your sales force to focus on negotiating and closing deals with many more companies.

Our success rate is extraordinarily high for several reasons:

  • We spend time and effort to get to know you, your company, what your specific needs are, and exactly what you're looking for in an importer. With this process, we can guarantee that you receive candidates who not only have an interest in working with you, but also possess the qualifications you need.

  • We have the resources to reach potential importers in every country around the world. Our extensive network of contacts allows us to access the best and most promising companies in each industry.

  • We talk to active product seekers as well as to companies that are already engaged to a supplier but could be open to a new opportunity. We have a long successful history of providing professional export development services since 1992.


NO! - Long hours of employees calling abroad to generate export leads

NO! - Years of paying commissions to middlepersons and finders

NO! - Purchasing expensive databases of companies

NO! - Sending samples to irrelevant contacts

Yes! - Real Export Professionals locating attractive export clients exclusively for you

Yes! - Quick response time - Discuss export deals within days from your subscription to our service

Yes! - Low cost service - Commission Free and Risk Free!


We charge no commissions on sales

  • so your profit and pricing remain unaffected


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