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Sell to New Export Clients

We will identify and call potential buyers abroad, present your products

and provide you with a constant flow of good potential export buyers

Our Process & Cost - Step-by-Step

1. A compact export-oriented presentation that will keep your clients focused on your offer

If you have a website then your homepage is probably designed with a general purpose in mind. As such, it speaks to your overall brand and corporate values and is typically loaded with links and navigation to other areas of your site - encouraging exploration, not focusing.

When we reach decision makers we have only a few seconds to attract their attention and make them focus on your offer. Similar to your local market, potential foreign customers are often be very busy, possibly impatient and read very little English (even if they speak it fluently...)

To succeed despite the above, we will prepare a compact export web-presentation of your products. Your export presentation will be short, simple, and straightforward and designed to generate interest in your products within seconds.

review the presentations of our existing exporters

Automotive & Aviation

Construction, Home & Garden

Energy & Environment

Fashion and Textile

  1. We will locate companies that match your goals
    Target countries, fields of activity, types of customers, etc.
    There is no limit on number of products, countries or markets per project, as long as all the included product lines are offered to the same markets and countries.

  2. We will approach the right decision maker in each company and present your products and business offer, using your compact export presentation. Interested leads will receive access to your website, videos, brochures etc.

  3. You will discuss and close business directly
    When a potential buyer shows an interest in your proposal, you will receive their contact information a transcript of all communications so you can discuss business and close deals directly with them.

  4. Success Guaranty
    We guarantee to bring you at least 24 good potential clients per 6 months (you will define what is "good") If we do not reach this number in the time given, we continue to search until we do, at no extra charge.
    Companies you will find irrelevant will not be counted among these 24.

    download our complete process and costs pdf

Food and Beverage

Furniture - Products & Components

Healthcare - Conventional & Alternative

Home ware and Home Care

Industrial Automation

Industrial Machinery

Telecom, Internet and Software

Leisure & Gifts

Raw Materials

6. Cost of Service

There is no payment in advance. We charge no commissions on sales.

The cost of our service is US$ 960. This fee covers:

1. The preparation and publication of an export web presentation in English

2. The first 6 months of service - Generation of new interested potential export export clients.

Payment conditions: You will be asked to submit your payment only after you confirm your satisfaction of our export-oriented presentation of your products.

Service Extension (optional): After concluding your first 6 month service period (AND reaching at least 24 potentials), you will be able to continue receiving from us export leads on a regular basis by extending your subscription to our service.


Read what our Exporters say about us:

"....Since the beginning of our cooperation with ExportMatch we received around 85 interested companies from the whole world. 
Around 11 companies are now our clients and with other 10 15 we are in contact.."

"...ExportMatch is doing a great job, and if I need some help, my contact person is almost every time available for me ...." F.J. Austria

".... I successfully used ExportMatch to find my UK agents. I cannot recommend Export Match, and in particular Oscar, more highly. With thanks,

L.D. Australia


Packaging - Materials & Equipment

Personal Care and Cosmetics

Pets and Farm Animals

Publishing, POS & Promotion

Security and Safety

Technical Supplies

Begin developing your export sales in more than 60 countries 

Our team of multilingual professionals will identify and call potential buyers abroad,

present your products and develop your sales all over the world


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